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AISLEFIVE (serves all)


1 oz. screaming guitar licks
1 oz. frozen vocal notes
1 oz. double-cream drums
1 splash of lush dark bass syrup
2 wedges of tart keyboard chords 

Combine ingredients over ice in a tall glass. Garnish with your favorite song from the 1970s to the present. Shake and serve immediately.

About the Mixology:

Guitar: Prepared by Paul Salvatoriello, graduate of the Tasty-Jam Academy; also known for his in-season singing, ripened to perfection

Vocals: A powerful, peppery infusion, locked in through flash-freezing, articulated by Marivelle Davis; a cool but spicy celebration of flavor and verse 

Drums: Think flair. Think drama. Glenn Gray has perfected his signature style of "hot rock" cooking, a lasting combination of thunder and groove

Bass: Intense aroma with deep finish, punctuated by Mark Odian, gives an unswerving foundation to this concoction

Keyboard: Vivid, citrus notes - sound-stabs of classic character - freshly squeezed by Chris Sharkey. Frames mixture with a lingering, complex roundness

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